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Coming in 2015 ... the new studio album from M:PIRE of EVIL ...
Click above to visit the microsite for the 2015 studio album, Unleashed.
Get all the news and behind the scenes photographs of the actual recording process for the album!
December 2015 - M:PIRE OF EVIL Announce Worldwide Collaboration With ALPHA OMEGA Management
ALPHA OMEGA Management is thrilled to announce M:PIRE OF EVIL to its roster! M:PIRE OF EVIL was formed in 2010, by Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan and Mantas, deciding that they needed to produce something befitting of their musical prowess. Something unashamedly heavy and without restraint; free of ego, deception and unreasonable behaviour – and fulfilling for them as musicians. The first release “Creatures of the Black” showed their roots by covering songs by great bands that influenced them to pick up their own instruments. 2011 saw the release of their debut “Hell To The Holy” which was an uncompromising mix of all styles of metal but fused into an album %100 their own. A single “Demone” followed and was pre the next studio album “Crucified” .The follow up album to their latest full length effort “Crucified” (2013), will be released in early 2016 , getting “M:Pire Unleashed” as a working title.
Click here to watch Tony “Demolition Man ” Dolan‘s video clip for the announcement:
ALPHA OMEGA Management adds: Following to our recent announcement of VENOM Inc., today we have a double pleasure to announce also M:PIRE OF EVIL to our roster family, completing so the coalition of Venomous Empire! M:PIRE OF EVIL, formed in 2010 by Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan and Mantas, and today with Francesco “Frullo” La Rosa on drums, the band is stronger than ever, bringing forward its unholy trinity! We can expect to have a very exciting year ahead! Stay tuned for next announcements!
November 2015 - THE DEMOLITION MAN Guests with TAIPAN
THE DEMOLITION MAN will be a guest on the second album of international thrash’n’roll metal band Taipan. More information available HERE
September 2015 - MANTAS and THE DEMOLITION MAN Guest with NECRODEATH
The new video from Italy's NECRODEATH features guest appearances from MANTAS and THE DEMOLITION MAN. The song, titled Headhunting, can be streamed below:
June 2015 - M:PIRE of EVIL Live Photos
The wonderful JOWITA KAMINSKA has sent us some photos she took during the M:PIRE of EVIL concert in Italy last September.
May 2015 - M:PIRE of EVIL Team Up With NoLogoPicks.com
March 2015 - M:PIRE of EVIL Live
Several more M:PIRE of EVIL concerts have been announced. Visit the CONCERTS section of this website for details.
February 2015 - New Photos
Acclaimed photographer MARTIN RAHN has kindly shared the wonderful photos he took at the Swiss leg of the recent M:PIRE of EVIL European Tour. Check the PHOTOS page of this website.
February 2015 - New Merchandise Available
2 new M:PIRE of EVIL shirts are now available on the MERCHANDISE page, and a nice little Old School shirt can be found on the SPECIAL section. Plus, due to demand, the M:PIRE of EVIL Beanies are once again in stock.
February 2015 - New THE DEMOLITION MAN Interview Posted Online
Voices From The Darkside has conducted a brand new interview with THE DEMOLITION MAN. The interview can be viewed on this page
February 2015 - THE DEMOLITION MAN Brazil Interview Online
THE DEMOLITION MAN has been interviewed by Brazil's Road To Metal. The interview can be viewed here.
February 2015 - M:PIRE of EVIL Live In Russia
In what is shaping up to be a very busy year of live action, M:PIRE of EVIL have announced a seven date tour of Russia during March 2015. Special guests for the tour will be German Metallers REZET. Please consult the CONCERTS page for more information.
January 2015 - M:PIRE of EVIL Calender
M:PIRE of EVIL are featured in SHOOTHER's FineArt Photo Calendar 2015. Apart from M:PIRE of EVIL, the calender also features OBITUARY, VADER, SUICIDAL ANGELS, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM and more. For more details, and to pre-order the calender, please visit this page.
January 2015 - M:PIRE of EVIL Guitar
Please visit the FAN ART section of this website to view a stunning custom-made M:PIRE of EVIL guitar.
December 2014 - Brazil & Argentina Releases
The recent M:PIRE of EVIL releases, LIVE and MANITOU ep, will soon be released in Argentina via Del Imaginario.
For Brazil, the CRUCIFIED album is being re-mastered and re-titled CRUCIFIED IN SOUTH AMERICA. This new version will include the MANITOU sessions and two Live tracks as bonus features. This will be released by Shinigami Records. Here you can see the Front and Back cover artwork for CRUCIFIED IN SOUTH AMERICA
November 2014 - New Brazilian / South America Agents, Mexican Distrobution
M:PIRE of EVIL are proud to announce a partnership with SHINIGAMI RECORDS for Brazilian releases, and CRONOS ENTERTAINMENT in association with SCELZA productions as our sole representatives and booking agents for South America. Also, our new partnership for distribution in Mexico is Metalized Distro (Tampico-Mexico) - ALL HAIL!
November 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL 2015
2015 is shaping up to be a very busy year of live performances for M:PIRE of EVIL. The latest confirmed concert is a return to the British Steel Saturday Night 4 Festival in Fismes, France. Having previously performed at the festival in 2013, the band are looking forward to returning and meeting up again with some old and new friends. Check the CONCERTS page for up-to-date confirmed M:PIRE of EVIL shows.
November 2014 - Brazil Dates: Band Statement
"To our Brazilian brothers and sisters...M:PIRE of EVIL will now NOT be coming to Brazil...basically the 'agent' was not an agent and the 'promoters' including the Zombie Fest promoters were fake it seems...apologies for wasting your time..And for wasting almost a year of My time? Unforgivable!"
"Para nossos irmãos e irmãs brasileiros. O M:pire of Evil não irá ao Brasil. O " agente" não é um agente e os produtores incluindo o zombie fest são falsos ou tipo isso. Mil desculpas por fazermos vocês perderem seu tempo!"
October 2014 - DEMOLITION MAN Feature on Rock Arena
Rock Arena has a DEMOLITION MAN special feature which can be viewed here (please note, the feature is in Bulgarian Language)
October 2014 - Inked In Blood Tour 2015
A Promovideo from the Inked in Blood Tour 2015, featuring M:PIRE of EVIL in support of OBITUARY, can be viewed here. Chek the CONCERTS section for a full list of dates.
October 2014 - M:PIRE Live Update
After the successful concert in Triel, France and the recent Italian Tour, Francesco Frullo La Rosa (Extrema) will also be behind the drumkit for the upcomimg Mario's Metal Meeting Festival in Tilburg, Holland. An image of this Line-up can be viewed here
September 2014 - MANTAS Update
MANTAS has come up with a real cool idea to release songs and help a good cause at the same time: Via MANTAS: Ok my friends, visit my site, click on SONG SHOP and lets see if we can make a small difference together. If you care enough to be interested then please share this EVERYWHERE.
Thank you in advance.
Official MANTAS Website
July 2014 - New M:PIRE of EVIL Shirt Available
A limited edition 2014 M:PIRE of EVIL shirt is now available via the MERCHANDISE section.
June 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL Live in Singapore - Important Information
The resheduled. M:PIRE of EVIL concert in Singapore has been announced. Exact date can be found on the CONCERTS page.
June 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL Demone 7" BLUE Vinyl
If You Wanna War - You Got It!
M:PIRE of EVIL are bringing a War to YOU - a bidding war!
Start Date: Monday 19th May 2014
End Date: Monday 10th June 2014
Click the banner to the right for all the information...
Demone BLUE Vinyl
May 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL Live & Double Jeopardy Now Available
M:PIRE of EVIL Live, and the M:PIRE of EVIL / GRAZED split CD titled Double Jeopardy, are now both available to buy through this website. Click the covers at the top of this page.
May 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL Autographed Artwork Competition
The Demone Autographed Artwork II competition, which has been running on MpireOfEvil.com in recent months, will be coming to an end this weekend (6th May 2014). MANTAS, JXN and THE DEMOLITION MAN will randomly choose the three winners. The winners will first be announced on the COMPETITIONS page, then on the Official Facebook page.
April 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL Confirmed for Keep It True XVIII Festival 2015
M:PIRE of EVIL will perform at Germany's Keep It True XVIII Festival next year. The Festival takes place on the 24th and 25th of April, 2015.
For this year, M:PIRE of EVIL will be appearing at the Triel Open Air in July 2014. This event is near Paris, France. Please note that the exact day when M:PIRE of EVIL are playing is yet to be confirmed.
March 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL Live Album & Split Release with GRAZED
The M:PIRE of EVIL Live album, which was originally going to be released as a cover-mounted CD on French Metal magazine Metallian, will now become available as a stand-alone release. The front cover of the album can be viewed here.
And in further release news, M:PIRE of EVIL will be teaming up with French Metal Band GRAZED for a split CD. Titled DOUBLE JEOPARDY, the CD will feature two versions of the Venom classic Manitou, with guest appearances by MANTAS and THE DEMOLITION MAN. The rest of the album will feature 2 live tracks by both M:PIRE of EVIL and GRAZED.
Release dates and ordering information for both releases will soon be revealed.
March 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL Live in Asia
May 2014 will see M:PIRE of EVIL play for the first time in Singapore. Although the location and venue are still TBC, the date has been revealed. Full information will appear on the CONCERTS page.
March 2014 - JXN Interview With Sick Drummer Magazine
The March 2014 issue of Sick Drummer Magazine has a huge interview with JXN. The feature can be viewed online via this link.
March 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL Caption Competition
A second competition has been launched, with a real cool prize. Check out the COMPETITIONS section of this site.
February 2014 - Win Unique M:PIRE of EVIL Autographed Artwork
The Official M:PIRE of EVIL website is giving 3 more of you lucky HELLSPAWN the chance to win some seriously unique M:PIRE of EVIL artwork. Again, the artwork is fully autographed by MANTAS, JXN and THE DEMOLITION MAN. Check the COMPETITIONS section of this website for the new competition.
February 2014 - MANTAS and THE DEMOLITION MAN To Guest On GRAZED Single
After their recent appearance at The Forum Festival in France, MANTAS and THE DEMOLITION MAN popped into the studio with French Metallers GRAZED to record an as yet unnamed classic VENOM song. THE DEMOLITION MAN handled vocals, while MANTAS contributed guitar and will also produce the release. The single will be released as a 12" vinyl. More information soon.
January 2014 - Creative Hellspawn
M:PIRE of EVIL Bobbleheads and drawings sent in by The Hellspawn - check the FAN ART page.
January 2014 - Update
THE DEMOLITION MAN has been in touch with the following update: Recording for the new album going well...don't forget to check samples and blog etc on the wix link.. Meanwhile, pre production is going well for the new video for DEMONE. The video for both DEMONE and TAKING IT ALL was delayed in 2013 because of a fuller than expected tour schedule but now with director Mike Clarke onboard the pre production for the first video is almost complete and expected to being the principal photography in the next few weeks...!!
January 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL Interview Posted Online
MetalHead Spotted recently did an interview with THE DEMOLITION MAN. View it here.
January 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL Magazine Feature Posted Online
Poland's Heavy Metal Pages has posted Number 53 online. Click here to view it, including a six page M:PIRE of EVIL feature.
January 2014 - HELLSPAWN Unleashed
In celebration of the new stream for UNLEASHED, M:PIRE of EVIL welcomes the first international Hellspawn pages!!
!!! Welcome Greece - Italy - USA - Brazil - Persia - Canada - Austria - Poland - Czech Republic - France - New Zealand - Austrailia !!!
Links to each territory can be found on the HELLSPAWN section of this site.
January 2014 - M:PIRE of EVIL Interview Posted Online
During the M:PIRE of EVIL European Tour of late 2013, JXN and THE DEMOLITION MAN met up with Carl Begai for an interview which can be viewed at this location.
January 2014
New Album Preview
Click this image for the first preview of the new M-PIRE of EVIL album, UNLEASHED >>>>>
M-PIRE of EVIl - Unleashed
December 2013
M-PIRE of EVIL New Album Preview
At 12 Noon (GMT) on January 1st 2014, the first preview of the new M-PIRE of EVIL album, UNLEASHED, will be available through this website. Watch this space, HELLSPAWN…
Heavy New Year from M-PIRE of EVIL
December 2013 - M-PIRE of EVIL Update
M:PIRE of EVIL is proud to announce partnership with Heavy and Hell Press Brazil 2014 and beyond.. ALL HAIL!!
Click below to visit
Click image to enlarge
December 2013 - Live M-PIRE of EVIL Photos
Photos of M-PIRE of EVIL's appearance at the British Steel Festival 2 in France, which took place during October, have been added to the PHOTOS section.
December 2013 - M-PIRE of EVIL's Greece Concert Confirmed
The December 14th concert in Greece has been confirmed by both band and promotors
November 2013 - Live M-PIRE of EVIL Photos
The PHOTOS section has been updated with some live photographs from the M-PIRE of EVIL concert in São Paulo, Brazil from the 15 November 2013.
November 2013 - Live in England 2014
M-PIRE of EVIL have announced 2 concerts in England during February 2014. See the CONCERTS page for a full list of upcoming M-PIRE of EVIL shows.
October 2013 - Injury Interrupts SLAUGHTERFEST Dates - Update
Here is the latest updates direct from the DEMOLITION MAN regarding the injury to MANTAS and the effect on the current SLAUGHTERFEST Tour with ONSLAUGHT:
"Leigh Chambers from Onslaught is filling in on a few songs for Mantas. He's doing a great job and for that we thank him ! Mantas will be with us from Eindhoven onwards.. Ok update! Mantas will attend Eindhoven but as there is a 9pm curfew and we are scheduled for a 6pm performance he will not be in time to play as he lands in Germany around 17:20... Apologies but I've tried everything to get him in sooner but with no luck !!!" (15 October)
"Update guys, Mantas will be joining us from Straubing onwards..he sends his sincere gratitude and thanx for all you wishes and for those who have missed him live , patience .." (14th October)
"Mantas still sick...so myself and Marc are out here.. We will play something at each date until Mantas can join us. Sincere apologies and we hope a speedy recovery..and he Joins us soon!" (13th October)
October 2013 - Injury Interrupts SLAUGHTERFEST Dates
The most sincere apologies to everyone, but owing to a very real and painful injury to Mantas, M:Pire Of Evil will join the Slaughterfest Tour at the Garage in London so he can recuperate as the doctor has ordered. Bristol and Birmingham will have to be missed. we will correct this in 2014. Best wishes!”
October 2013 - Autographed DEMONE Artwork Competition Winners
After yesterday's M-PIRE of EVIL concert in Fismes, France, MANTAS, JXN and THE DEMOLITION MAN drew out the winners of the AUTOGRAPHED DEMONE ARTWORK competition. The COMPETITION page has the names of the 3 lucky Hellspawn.
September 2013 - Venue / Location Change For Norway Concert
M-PIRE of EVIL's concert in Norway on the 24th October, which was originally scheduled to take place in Oslo, will now take place at the FEELGOOD venue in Nor Halden, Norway.
September 2013 - Brazil Concerts Announced
M-PIRE of EVIL will be visiting Brazil during November 2013 for a series of concerts. The dates and venues have now been confirmed.
August 2013 - Win Unique M-PIRE of EVIL Autographed Artwork
We are giving 3 of you lucky HELLSPAWN the chance to win some seriously unique M-PIRE of EVIL artwork, fully autographed by MANTAS, JXN and THE DEMOLITION MAN. Check the COMPETITIONS section of this website for more information.
August 2013 - M-PIRE of EVIL Unable To Play North American Tour in September 2013
Due to a US immigration administrative delay, MPIRE of EVIL have been forced to cancel their appearance on the proposed RAVEN/MPIRE of EVIL North American tour in September 2013. Applications were made in time for visas, however a clerical error that came to light too late meant re-application, and this would have meant missing the whole of the dates planned. RAVEN will still be appearing on the tour, but MPIRE of EVIL apologize and have no control in this case but have rescheduled and will be there in March/April 2014.
August 2013 - CRUCIFIED Reviews
Some more REVIEWS of the CRUCIFIED album have been added.
August 2013 - M-PIRE of EVIL Live
M-PIRE of EVIL are about to hit the road again. Concerts have been announced for the USA, Canada and throughout Europe. The CONCERTS section of this site has all the dates and information.
June 2013 - M-PIRE of EVIL new radio interview online
Skullbanger Media interview with M-PIRE of EVIL is now online. The interview can heard by clicking HERE
May 2013 - M-PIRE of EVIL Video

From M:PIRE of EVIL to YOU!
OK so here’s the thing……WE are going to be shooting a video for the track
‘TAKING IT ALL’ from the new album CRUCIFIED….we need/want You to be involved so…what we need is YOU!!!!!!!!
Record Yourself alone or with friends….saYing, Shouting, Screaming….
FUCK YOU!!!!!!! Into camera…and use Your fingers if You must!! Lol
Avi files or Mp4’s are perfect….COMON…WE WANT YOU in the video….This M:PIRE is OURS together….
Record on digital camera, dvd, phone, tape we don’t care…..then send to:

To be included all files need to be received bY….June 9th…to be included so what You waiting for go tell that camera what You have to…..FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!

May 2013 - Live M-PIRE of EVIL Photos
The PHOTOS section of this website has been updated with pictures of M-PIRE of EVIL live onstage in France during May 2013.
May 2013 - CRUCIFIED unleashed in USA
First day of release for CRUCIFIED in the USA and the album made #5 most added album to Metal radio. WE NEED YOUR Requests to keep coming so get on to Your fav stations US and Canada and tell em You want the M:PIRE and CRUCIFIED!!! ALL HAIL
May 2013 - Official M-PIRE of EVIL Merchandise
The MISCELLANEOUS section of the MERCHANDISE page is now open. Patches, Badges and Beanies are on offer, and there will be more M-PIRE of EVIL goodies coming soon!
April 2013 - M-PIRE of EVIL Live
Another M-PIRE of EVIL concert in France has been announced. Check the LIVE section for all upcoming concerts.
April 2013 - CRUCIFIED: Worldwide Release Information and Dates
Legendary Metal Lable MAUSOLEUM will release CRUCIFIED in Europe and all territories (excluding Japan/Asia and North America) on the 17th of May 2013. SPIRITUAL BEAST will release the album in Japan and Asia on the 24th of April, while DEADLINE will release CRUCIFIED in North America on the 7th of May 2013.
April 2013 - Press Release: Deadline Records USA
On May 7, Deadline Music (a subsidiary of Cleopatra Records) will release CRUCIFIED by M:Pire of Evil, the thrash metal project by former Venom members  Mantas (guitar), Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (vocals, bass), and ex-Throwdown drummer JXN. CRUCIFIED bulldozes through eleven tracks (including nine Venom favorites from the PRIME EVIL era), opening with the driving “Temples of Ice”  and not taking its foot off the gas through the closing beast, “Taking It All” (which includes the perfect anti- chant).  The riffs are dense and mighty, rhythms propulsive, and the vocals relentlessly intense.  The record takes on dystopian themes of destruction, evil, and corruption and in the case of pointed tracks like “Blackened Are The Priests,” all three. In 1979, guitarist Jeff Dunn took on the name Mantas and created a musical entity that would inspire an entire subgenre of metal.  Venom combined dark, heavy and loud with a proficiency that created history with two records, WELCOME TO HELL and BLACK METAL, that are considered the gold standard of thrash.  Built on this foundation, M:Pire of Evil formed in the U.K. in 2010.  Their debut record displayed musical integrity and prowess befitting of the legacy.  CRUCIFIED, MoE’s second full-length record, continues that legacy. CRUCIFIED will be in stores and online retailers for MSRP of $14.98.  The booklet includes art by Mantas, lyrics and band pics.
March 2013 - M-PIRE of EVIL Live in Concert
M-PIRE of EVIL have added concerts in France, Italy and Germany. Check out the dates on the LIVE page.
March 2013 - CRUCIFIED Release Dates
The Japan / Asia and USA / North America release dates for CRUCIFIED are as follows:
Japan / Asia - 24th April 2013
USA / Nth America - 7th May 2013
European Release Date coming soon.
March 2013 - M-PIRE of EVIL at Hammerfest
THE DEMOLITION MAN has contacted us to pass on a special Thank You to the Hammerfest organisers and all the fans in attendance for the wonderful time in North Wales!!
A review of M-PIRE of EVIL at Hammerfest 2013 can be viewed here
March 2013
M-PIRE of EVIL's New Single Unleashed
NIGHT OF THE VINYL DEAD have unveiled the new M-PIRE of EVIL 7" vinyl single, featuring the brand new tracks DEMONE and TAKING IT ALL. Click the image on the right for a closer view, then click HERE to buy the single.
M-PIRE of EVIL - Demone/Taking It All
February 2013
M-PIRE of EVIL Live Slaughterfest
M-PIRE of EVIL will be appearing on the Slaughterfest European Tour which will take place in October 2013. Details and dates to follow...
February 2013
M-PIRE of EVIL to release 7" Vinyl Single
M-PIRE of EVIL are once again teaming up with NIGHT OF THE VINYL DEAD (who released the breathtaking vinyl version of the HELL TO THE HOLY album) for a new 7". The vinyl will feature the brand new tracks DEMONE and TAKING IT ALL. Click the image on the right for more.
M-PIRE of EVIL - Demone
February 2013 - M-PIRE of EVIL Live in France
2 Flyers have been added to the M-PIRE of EVIL French concerts. See the LIVE page.
December 2012
JXN endorsed by Drum Shop USA.
Click the Drum Shop USA logo to visit their website.
December 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL's Switzerland concert postponed
IMPORTANT NOTICE- The M-PIRE of EVIL concert in Switzerland, which was originally announced for the 18th December 2012, has been postponed until 2013.
November 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL primed for Japanese Assault
MANTAS, JXN and THE DEMOLITION MAN will be taking a short break from the recording studios to embark on their 3 date tour of Japan (December 1st - 3rd 2012) , before returning to Europe for the Italian and Swiss concerts. Keep up to date with all officialy confirmed M-PIRE of EVIL concerts on the LIVE page of this site.
November 2012 - Venue change for Florence, Italy concert
M-PIRE of EVIL's concert in Calenzano, FL Italy (on Friday 21st December) has been moved to a larger venue. The concert will now take place at Cycle Club.
November 2012 - HELL TO THE HOLY
Check the REVIEWS section for more views of HELL TO THE HOLY.
October 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL Live in Italy and Switzerland
M-PIRE of EVIL have added another date to their upcoming Italian Tour, and for the first time, the band will vist Switzerland on the 18th of December 2012. Full list of confirmed dates are on the LIVE segment, with more concerts to be announced soon.
October 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL Live in Italy
After their successful visit to Maratona Rock Festival. M-PIRE of EVIL will return to Italy in December 2012. Visit the LIVE section of this site for dates and flyers.
September 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL Merchandise
Visit the MERCHANDISE page for a sneek preview of some M-PIRE gear that will soon be available.
September 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL return to the live stage
M-PIRE of EVIL will hit British shores in 2013, with an appearance at Hammerfest 2013. Check out the LIVE section of this website to see the early e-Flyers for this event.
June 2012 - Press release from M-PIRE of EVIL
We are currently working on a new album, as yet it has no title but will feature around 10-12 trax...One brand new M-PIRE track and the others are re-recorded tracks from the Venom albums, Prime Evil, Temples of Ice and The Wastelands. These albums are under the control of Universal Music and as such are 'shelved' as a re-release of these albums would seem in conflict with the current Venom lineup and their releases, so M-PIRE have decided to take the best from all 3 releases and after consultation with the fans have compiled a list of tracks to re-record for a new album. This does not mean there will not be an all new M-PIRE of EVIL album of totally new songs, there will but this will be early 2013. This only means we will have an intrim album also. We would like to assure people of some things, this is NOT simply re-recording original songs for the sake of Money or anything else...this is simply because these albums are unavailable for purchase and if you are lucky enough to track one down they are overpriced, we want to address this first and also we feel that some good songs were lost because of lack of distribution, halting the releases and poor production values. We intend to correct all of these. The songs will feature in our live set for the fall tour. So far the basic tracks are being recorded and they sound fucking massive..true M-PIRE style. WE have selected songs we feel fit the M-PIRE style and are very happy JAXN will make his recorded debut with the M-PIRE! The Release is planned for completion by August and will go out September/October..
M-PIRE of EVIL are currently looking over footage for compiling a LIVE in 2012 DVD, as yet untitled, ...the DVD will have special features and will be available early 2013.
The M-PIRE are currently looking towards the fall tour..Looking at dates in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Chilli, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.....then on to Europe..
M-PIRE of EVIL would like to thank everyone at Muskel Rock Sweden for an amazing time and show. Despite blowing up the PA and the rain, the organizers were amazing and very kind and the tech team superb and got everything up and running again in record time. The fans were the coolest and the band had great fun. Big shout out to the most vocal audience so far... when the PA was lost, using only backline and the fans doing all the singing, a very special, In League With Satan was performed... ALL HAIL Sweden!!
June 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL Promotional Photographs
The PHOTOS section now has 2 new promotional photos of MANTAS, JAXN and THE DEMOLITION MAN.
May 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL Live in Sweden
We can now officially confirm that M-PIRE OF EVIL will be appearing at Sweden's Muskelrock Festival on June 1st 2012.
May 2012 - JXN
After completing a successful U.S. tour with new drummer JXN, M-PIRE OF EVIL has announced that JXN will join the group on a permanent basis.
May 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL Live in Italy
The PHOTOS section has been updated with some live snaps of M-PIRE of EVIL onstage at Maratona Rock 2012.
April 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL Live in Europe
The first live appearance in Europe is almost upon us, as M-PIRE of EVIL hit Italy.
February 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL USA Tour - Venue Change
Please note that the March 21st date has moved to a new venue. The show that was originally scheduled to be held at The Pound in Oakland, has changed to Avalon in Santa Clara, CA.
February 2012 - HELL TO THE HOLY Album Reviews
As the release date for HELL TO THE HOLY draws ever nearer, click HERE to read some of the first online reviews.
January 2012 - HELL TO THE HOLY Album Info
The RELEASES section of this website now has the Artwork and Tracklist for the HELL TO THE HOLY album.
January 2012 - HELL TO THE HOLY Release Date.
M-PIRE of EVIL will release their full-length debut HELL TO THE HOLY on March 26 via Scarlet Records. More information to follow....
January 2012 - M-PIRE of EVIL Tour Dates 2012
The LIVE section of this website has a list of all confirmed concerts.
January 2012 - Statement from ANTTON - 5.1.2012
2012. A new year and a time to get my priorities right and everything in order. Too much stuff.
As from today I will NO LONGER be playing drums in M-PIRE of EVIL.
My family life and DEF-CON-ONE are more important to me.
And something’s got to give.
December 2011 - M-PIRE of EVIL Promotional Photographs
The PHOTOS section of this website has been updated with 2 new M-PIRE of EVIL photos.
October 2011 - CREATURES OF THE BLACK unleased
Please check the RELEASES page for ordering / track info!
October 2011 - M-PIRE of EVIL hit the stage
On Sunday 16th October 2011, DEF CON ONE (featuring ANTTON) played the Hangover Sunday #5 all day Metal Fest at Camden Purple Turtle, London UK. Afterwards, MANTAS, DEMOLITION MAN & ANTTON stepped onto the stage for the first time as M-PIRE of EVIL.The Guys performed the new M-PIRE of EVIL song, HELL TO THE HOLY, and the VENOM Classic, BLACK METAL.
September 2011 - CREATURES OF THE BLACK Pre-order
M-PIRE of EVIL's CREATURES OF THE BLACK ep can now be pre-ordered on the following Amazon Online Stores:
M-PIRE of EVIL have now launched an Official YouTube Page. Check out Promotional Clips and Interviews via the following link:
An Official M-PIRE of EVIL Profile page has now been launched on Facebook.
September 2011 - CREATURES OF THE BLACK ep
The artwork and release date for M-PIRE of EVIL's CREATURES OF THE BLACK ep have now been revealed. Check out the RELEASES page of this website for all the info.
Renowned artist Hjules is creating the artwork for M-PIRE of EVIL's HELL TO THE HOLY album. Hjules impressive CV includes work with bands such as Destruction, Annihilator, Grave Digger, Tankard and many more. A full gallery of his works can be viewed on his official website:
July 2011 - EP UPDATE
M-PIRE of EVIL are in the final stages of mixing the CREATURES OF THE BLACK ep. More details (and that all important release date) will soon be revealed.
Official statement from the band is as follows: We have decided to change our name. It was brought to our attention that a band who named themselves after our 6th Venom album, Prime Evil had decided to get back together after we had announced our intentions. We had already signed our deal with Scarlet Records and had appearences booked but we have decided to cancel those shows as our belief is that EVERY band should have a chance and we do not wish to exclude anyone so we have made this change. We apologise to the Venoms Legions and fans who chose our name but we hope you support this/our decision...... and so....
Welcome to the M-PIRE of EVIL!
M-PIRE of EVIL , the new band formed by former Venom members Jeff "Mantas" Dunn (guitar), Tony "The Demolition Man" Dolan (bass, vocals) and Antony "Antton" Lant (drums), have signed a deal with Scarlet Records. This summer will see the release of the mini album 'The Creatures Of The Black', which features 4 cover versions of songs that influenced them to begin their very own metal journeys ('Exciter' by Judas Priest, 'God Of Thunder' by Kiss, 'Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be' by AC/DC and 'Motörhead' by Motörhead) plus 2 brand new M-PIRE of EVIL tracks, 'The Creatures Of The Black' and 'Reptile'. The mini album is going to anticipate MPIRE of EVIL's debut album, which will be out sometime around September/October 2011. As appearences are being booked now a full tour is preparing for 2012. Check out all the updates on www.scarletrecords.it and www.mpireofevil.eu. All Hail!
M-PIRE of EVIL are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut release, a mini LP titled CREATURES OF THE BLACK. Due for release on IRON PEGASUS RECORDS during summer 2011, this 6 track MLP features 2 original M-PIRE of EVIL songs, plus the band paying and playing homage to their favorite bands. So be prepared for songs originally recorded by JUDAS PRIEST, AC/DC, MOTÖRHEAD and KISS.
March 2011 - HELL TO THE HOLY
2012 will see M-PIRE of EVIL spawn their first studio album. MANTAS, ANTTON and DEMOLITION MAN are currently in recording and mixing mode, and label negotiations are progressing nicely. Although no release date has yet been revealed, MPIRE of EVIL are looking to unleash the album in the coming months.
VENOM founder and BLACK METAL inventor MANTAS is reunited with fellow VENOM Legends ANTTON and THE DEMOLITION MAN.
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